Purchase of Properties Under Construction

Purchase of Properties Under Construction

In the case of a property still under construction, additional searches must be carried out so as to make sure that all the required town planning permissions and building permits regarding the construction of the property have been obtained.

After the Developer from whom you purchased the property notified you that they are ready for delivery, we employ a civil engineer who will produce a report after having inspected the building, read through the Contract of Sale and the building permit. If the report states that the terms of the contract and technical specifications have not been complied with, then we enter into dialogue with the Developer to have any issues repaired.

The construction works must be in compliance with the terms of town planning permission, the building permit and as agreed under the contract so as to ensure the issuance of certificate of final approval for the property and thus to secure the issuance of a Title Deed.

The Title Deeds for an off-plan property might take years to be issued especially where the property is an apartment because the legal procedure to split the land from the apartments can commence once all the apartments of the building and/or block have been completed and inspected against the approved plans and permits.

At Fine Life Limassol, we will ensure that you have a good Contract that will render your investment safe and secure, protecting both your money and your rights throughout the construction and post-construction process.