purchase of land

Purchase of Land

The procedure for purchasing a piece of land is similar to buying property: that is, an application must be submitted to the Council of Minister for permission to own the land. Often buyers make the mistake of going through the process of paying for the transfer of ownership themselves, but this carries many risks. We recommend hiring a lawyer, who will be able to assist you with the preparation of all necessary legal documents including Contract of Sales, Cancellation Agreements, Assignment Agreements etc., and Lodging the Contract to the Land Registry Office. We will carry out tax clearance, file an application for permit from the District Office, and ensure the transfer of Title Deeds to the client’s name.

Different types of land

When purchasing a piece of land, it is necessary to obtain a survey of the land to ensure that it’s suitable for the client’s intended purpose, whether that is to build residential property or for farming and agricultural purposes. Fine Life Limassol can assist you by conducting a land investigation into how it can be developed and what is allowed to be built, as well as providing technical support, a geological/environmental study, and ensuring that you receive a building permit for the specific designation of the land on which you want to build.

There are a number of Town Planning Zones in Cyprus – residential, industrial, tourist, and agricultural. Regardless of whether you want to use land for agricultural purposes, hotel management, or residential, we will ensure that the right zone is chosen and that any risks that may evolve as a consequence of, for example, archaeological excavations, are duly dealt with.

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