Cyprus Temporary Residency Permit

Located in a convenient geographical position in the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus’ high standard of living and warm and stable climate make it an attractive destination for residence.

cyprus temporary residency

The temporary residence permit gives you the opportunity to reside on the island not only for 3 months per half a year, but to stay all year round. The permission for non-EU citizens is called a pink slip by folks and for EU citizens a yellow slip, both of which are issued for a period of one to four years.

There are three types of temporary residence permit: student, guest, and working visa.

In order to obtain a temporary residence permit, the following requirements must be met:

Cyprus Temporary Residency Card

The applicant must provide a certificate of ownership of real estate or rental agreement for at least 12 months.

  • Proof of stable income deriving from sources other than employment, such as a pension, interest from deposits, dividends, etc.
  • Certificate from a banking institution in Cyprus or a bank account statement proving swifts from abroad.
  • The applicant must have a bank guarantee issued by a Cypriot bank with validity for 10 years covering possible repatriation expenses.
  • And other documents that we will inform you of in person, together with the correct legalisation of originals in the home country.

At Fine Life Limassol, we have acted on behalf of hundreds of international clients in residency applications, giving us a guaranteed success rate and a consistent customer-centric approach.

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