Wills and succession law in Cyprus

Wills and succession law in Cyprus

Preparing a last Will and Testament is crucial for proper Estate Planning and Administration and in particular for ensuring that your family and loved ones are provided and/or cared for after your passing away. Having your final wishes properly communicated and/or legally expressed and/or executed, secures your family’s wealth and prosperity and lifts the burden of asset distribution from your heirs.

In Cyprus the relevant and/or main Legislation governing the issue of administration of a deceased person’s property is the Administration of Estates Law (CAP.189) & Wills and Succession Law (CAP.195). It must be noted that in Cyprus a testator’s wishes cannot deviate completely from the provisions of the relevant succession Law.

For all these reasons it is imperative to have a qualified, specialized and experienced Lawyer who can assist you with the drafting and/or submission and/or execution of your Will and Testament. The appointed Lawyer will handle all the legal processes, allowing you to save time and focus on the present concerns of your everyday life.

Effective estate planning and management are essential in order to achieve a tax-efficient transfer of your property to your heirs. There are many ways to save on transfer fees and taxes like having a family trust, consulting on a pre-mortem plan to reorganize your family assets and/or companies, as well as business succession plans and charitable objectives. Our specialized Legal team can advise and consult you for all the above Services.

We provide specialized legal Services concerning Administration issues which include but are not limited to the below sectors :

  • Drafting and/or executing and/or safekeeping of Wills and Testaments
  • Drafting and/or executing and/or safekeeping of Trusts
  • Beneficiary Designations (retirement accounts and life insurance)
  • Drafting and/or safekeeping Powers of Attorney
  • Administration of the wealth and/or properties of deceased persons without a Will