Asset management in Cyprus

Asset management in Cyprus

Our asset management and acquisition services include:

Reviewing and advising potential assets to purchase

Depending on the level of service you require, you could choose an asset you are interested in buying and wish for us to review, or alternatively, ask for a tailor-made solution or investment program run by Fine Life Limassol. Our experts will take into account factors such as preferred nature of assets, required liquidity, minimum holding period and required income, as well as risk profile. We understand the immigration investment requirements of our clients, as well as relevant tax optimisation strategies and estate planning concerns, and design our investment programs in consistency with these.

In-depth legal due diligence

Our team of highly experienced legal consultants can prepare all the necessary reporting, reviewing, and analysing of all the financial assumptions of the investment, in order to evaluate the risks of purchasing the asset.

Property valuation

We employ chartered accountants and surveyors fully qualified in conducting technology-enabled and efficient valuation methodologies that are customised to the buyer’s objectives – including income capitalization approach, sales comparison approach, and cost approach.

Architect and civil engineer

We employ an expert team of architects and civil engineers who will convey the construction in order to check technical specifications and ensure the property is built in accordance with the building permission. If the property has not been constructed yet, the civil engineer will do a property revision on a monthly or weekly basis, checking if the stages of construction comply with the agreed terms and conditions.

Technical auditors

If you are interested in investing in a project in the renewable energy sector, such as buying a photovoltaic, solar, or wind plant, it will be necessary for a technical auditor to conduct a feasibility study. This would involve an overall assessment of the technical and commercial viability of the project in order to identify potential risks, establish the suitability of the property or land for its intended use, and quantify future costs and other liabilities. The report produced would also ensure all compliance obligations, such as permits, licences, and other relevant legislation, are met.

Financial auditors

We collaborate with expert auditors in order to conduct high-quality feasibility studies and investment assessments, advising you on all aspects relating to the financials of the project; the percentages for success, period required for completion, repayment schedules, and ways to construct and sell the project. This includes providing a detailed financial plan, involving calculations of cash outflow and inflow, net profit, tax, and loans. We would then make a projection about the estimated return on investment (ROI), which on average amounts to between 5.5% and 8.7%.

Legal opinion and support

Our highly experienced lawyers will be able to provide legal advice and transaction support with the construction of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and share-purchase agreement.


We provide expert advice on every facet of commercial or residential real estate and construction insurance. For projects such as solar or photovoltaic parks, insurance would usually cover losses and physical damages from extreme environmental conditions (earthquakes, floods, etc.).

Loan facility

If you are in need of a loan in order to finance the acquisition of the asset in question, we will be able to facilitate this for you by determining the terms and conditions and filing all necessary applications.