Consultancy package – Business Planning

What are the steps involved in our consultancy package?

  • Idea – We conduct a highly detailed feasibility study of the idea behind the business, in order to evaluate all the risks and opportunities involved, as well as the financial viability of the project.
  • Business plan – Provide a clear view of your business strategy, obtain a detailed description of the market, objectives, risks and financial models, in order to predict future impacts and identify current opportunities. Our business plan services incorporate key deliverables such as marketing, and are systematically aligned with operating budgets. Once approval has been obtained by our team of specialists combined with uniquely outsourced solutions, we will provide a full commercial offer to our client relating to legal and corporate infrastructure.
  • Tax planning – We ensure that the most efficient corporate structure is constructed by assisting clients in devising a cost-effective international tax plan, taking advantage of Cyprus’ favourable tax regime, whilst ensuring all compliance obligations are met.
  • Corporate infrastructure – Incorporation of company in the jurisdiction which our independent tax advisors recommend.
  • Accounting – Once the legal entity has been incorporated, we would be able to help you with bookkeeping, accounting, VAT returns, uniquely outsourced auditing solutions, and submitting audited financial statements to the Registrar of Companies and Inland Revenue.

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How can we support you?

  • If the business is starting up, we can implement the above plan to the highest standard, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the business is conducted, and a detailed plan is constructed and successfully implemented.
  • Once the company is up and running, we would be able to assist with administration and secretarial services.
  • For ongoing or existing businesses, we would be able to organise the terms of purchase, draft share purchase agreements, and carry out the necessary due diligence procedures. We collaborate with the wealth management departments of respected banks, allowing us to conduct an efficient take-over and act on the behalf of the purchaser. If you have a stake in the company, we can provide advice on how to act as a silent shareholder.
  • If you’re interested in purchasing shares in public listed companies through the Cyprus stock exchange, we are able to act as a licensed Nominated Advisor, providing guidance on admission procedures for prospective listings, as well as advising potential investors.
  • We re-align your business goals and objectives by conducting reviews of business models, number of employees, income/expenses, the projection for restructuring, and M&As.