VAT – Value Added Tax

VAT – Value Added Tax

At Fine Life Limassol, our aim is to change the way that companies think about tax by aligning tax strategy with key business goals, enabling VAT compliance to become an additional source of cash inflow.

Our VAT specialists provide client-focused advisory services on local and international VAT-related matters.

Cyprus, as a member of the European Union, is subject to European VAT legislation, and therefore VAT-registered businesses operating in Cyprus are subject to the VAT Directive. The standard rate is 19% and the reduced rate is 9%, depending on the nature of the services.

Combining our indirect tax experience with our industry knowledge, we help companies to address VAT technical, organizational and process challenges, which improve compliance and ensure tax benefits and risks are optimized.

We offer complete VAT accounting and consulting services:

  • Preparation, filing, and submission of VAT returns.
  • VAT reporting to local authorities
  • Registration with VAT authorities
  • Submission of VAT reports and maintenance of VAT records.
  • Review VAT systems to improve their effectiveness, facilitating a consistent diagnosis of VAT risks and opportunities.
  • Analyse and provide recommendations with respect to recoverable input VAT.