Cyprus Business Consulting

Have you decided to start your own business and are in need of a detailed business plan, or are you the owner of an existing company and need help with the implementation of ideas? Regardless of what business stage you are at, we are ready to assist you at every stage of activity.

Fine Life Limassol provides customised business consulting services, both to individuals and companies alike. Our team of highly experienced consultants will be able to successfully accompany our customers from the early stages of preparation of feasibility studies and economic models through contracts, analysis and negotiations, building financial models, and attracting funding for the project and to a successful post contract monitoring.

business consulting cyprus

At the heart of what we do is based on the principle of achieving economic benefits. We work side by side with you in order to correlate the nature of your investment preferences and the risk of interest so as to improve profitability and create a competitive advantage.

We help clients with a wide range of projects ranging from construction in the renewable energy sector to acquiring commercial real estate in prime areas in Europe, and placing funds in safe places.

The price for our business consultancy services is fixed, depending on the scope and areas of their holding can be reconciled to our business consulting services. Our prices are regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association.

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