due diligence

Due diligence

Due diligence provides peace of mind by analysing and validating all the financial, operational and strategic assumptions of a transaction, in order to expose any ‘red flags’ before a business decision is made.

Our team of highly experienced legal consultants can prepare all the necessary reporting, reviewing, and analysing for your due diligence checks, uniquely tailored to your specific business requirements.

At Fine Life Limassol, we place emphasis on knowing the client and what their needs are, such that a full understanding of the risks in any transaction is obtained and optimized under a custom-designed due diligence investigation.

Effective negotiations or any major decision involving strategic risk depend upon accurate information – whether it be regarding M&A, partnership opportunities, executive hires, market entry, or the acquisition of any assets, movable or immovable.

Therefore we thoroughly examine every facet of a transaction and provide expert recommendations for clients on procedural and operational issues.

We can carry out investigations into: financial solvency/insolvency; cash flows and assets/liabilities, mortgage and memo checkups, existing court decisions, independent valuation by surveyors, civil engineers, and much more.

Included in property conveyance services, which is 1% of the property price for turn-key solution.

Due diligence is included in most of our services as part of normal procedures. However, we can also deliver separate requests for detailed due diligence and feasibility study, in order to provide the investor with an objective representation of the safety and interest of any given transaction.