property conveyance

Property Conveyance Services

Fine Life Limassol provides complete property conveyancing services and legal advice for the purchase and/or sale of the property.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

1. Performing the due diligence of the property and informing the client about the status of the property. Contacting the relevant researches about the property, regarding mortgages, and/or any other impediments and/or injunctions on the property.

2. Dialogues with the Vendors and/or the Bank for the provision of a Bank Waiver in case of any mortgages and/or any other encumbrances.

3. Preparation and/or review of legal documents regarding the purchase and/or sale of the property such as Contract of Sales, Cancellation Agreements, Assignment Agreements etc.

4. Preparation of Power of Attorney and/or any other documents required to complete the transaction.

5. Stamping of the Contract and arranging for the payment of any stamp duties, taxes, etc. and Lodging the Contract to the Land Registry.

6. Receiving funds from the Client in our licensed Clients account and effecting any necessary payments related to the transaction and according to the Law or agreement of the Client, such as paying to the Vendor and/or Developer any amount according to the mode of payment of the Contract of Sale and/or paying to the Bank any amount payable according to the Bank waiver.

7. Carrying out any legal correspondence with the Vendor and/or Developer and/or the Bank and/or any person and/or Authority on behalf of the Client and in relation to the transaction.

8. Preparation and/or Submission of the application for Permit from the Council of Ministers for non-European citizens to acquire immovable property in Cyprus.

9. Taking all the necessary steps for the transfer of Title Deeds of the property to the client’s name and effecting any necessary payment to the Land Registry i.e payment of transfer fees.

10. Preparation and/or Submission of the application for VAT return for new properties (from 19%, you pay only 5%). (extra charge)

11. Transfer of all the Utility Bills to the name of the Purchaser and arranging for standing orders upon request of the Client. (extra charge)

12. For properties under construction, appointing an independent Architect/Engineer on behalf of the Client, to make weekly visits to the site of construction, two or three times per week, to observe, monitor and inspect the construction so as to ensure that the construction works will be in compliance with the terms of the contract.

13. Assistance with the opening of Bank account(s) in Cyprus and/or other European states. (extra charge)

14. Assistance and carrying out any legal correspondence on behalf of the Client with regards to the acquisition of loan from any Bank in Cyprus. (extra charge)

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