Cyprus bank account opening

Cyprus bank account opening

Our dedicated and skilled team of experts at Fine Life Limassol will work with our clients to meet all of their expectations, including taking care of day-to-day management and opening bank accounts.

We can open individual and corporate accounts both within Cyprus and foreign banks around the world; exclusively in the countries that are famous for their reliability and quality of service.

Countries in which we can open accounts include Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, Russia, Switzerland, Latvia, St. Vincent Island, Estonia, and Singapore.

Opening bank accounts became more complicated after 2013 and requires a very thorough due diligence on the part of both the bank and service providers.

Fine Life Limassol will also be able to assist our clients with providing bank signatories and negotiating with banking institutions for business loans, financial facilities and account management.

There are a series of documents necessary in order to open an individual or corporate bank account in Cyprus, and other jurisdictions.

Fill in our questionnaire and open a bank account online