With its extensive experience and forward-looking, client-based approach, Fine Life Limassol meets the challenges of the increasingly fast-paced financial world by providing bespoke corporate services that incorporate a global outreach with local expertise.

The Republic of Cyprus, as a low tax jurisdiction, carries excellent benefits and returns for many different types of companies, and we, as industry experts, can advise you regarding tax compliance obligations and tax planning.

We will be able to help you register your company not only in Cyprus, but in many other jurisdictions around the world, as well as offer you professional advice regarding your accounting, legal, and tax concerns.

Regardless of what kind of company you are interested in buying – whether it is public, limited, or non-profit – we will be able to do everything from registering the company, to constructing a detailed plan and administering it.

Due to the high quality service that our legal experts provide, the businesses of our clients will be thoroughly analysed and optimized for risk via the required due diligence procedure, delivering the most optimal business plan.

Whether you need help drafting contracts, obtaining loans, investment and asset management, or increasing capital – we will be here to assist you through the whole process.

Services our corporate department offers: