Family governance

Family Governance

At Fine Life Limassol, our family governance team works with families across generations to achieve the long-term success of the family enterprise. We collaborate with you to construct a framework that optimally disciplines the nature of the relationship between family members and external shareholders in a way that brings unity to the family and prosperity to the business.

Because we understand that corporate succession can pose great challenges to family businesses, our services, spanning from continuity planning, conflict management and succession planning, are structured in a way that enables you to find the best possible solution.

In working towards a family governance structure, we focus on ensuring that every member understands the current and future objectives, values, opportunities, and risks. We would therefore start by thoroughly analysing every aspect of the family business, producing, together with you, a family constitution that addresses all the relevant governance issues, such as business succession, long-term control and decision making, and the involvement of family members or third parties.

Family advisory boards constitute one of the most effective forums for maintaining a positive family-enterprise interaction, and provide a safe harbour for the resolution of family conflicts, supporting the education of next-generation family members, and addressing ownership concerns. At Fine Life Limassol, we would be able to advise our clients on board administration issues, as well as run the family business boards on behalf of the beneficiaries.