Cyprus Stock Exchange Listed Companies

Fine Life Limassol provides bespoke and targeted services for the incorporation of Cypriot public companies and listing them in the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE).

In order for companies to be listed both to the standard, Regulated Market and to the new, Emerging Companies Market, of the CSE, a CSE-approved, Nominated Advisor (NOMAD) is required.

Benefits incurred from a listing on the ECM:

  • It is governed by a more flexible regulatory environment than the standard market and therefore provides scope for a more innovative business practice.
  • Particularly for investors seeking new types of investments, and public companies unwilling to incur the higher costs of regulated markets, this is a profitable strategy to pursue.
  • The financially-favourable position of Cyprus and its Eurozone membership, along with its title as a low-tax jurisdiction, make it an interesting destination for company incorporation.

Steps involved in achieving a listing:

  • If the offer is public, raising funds higher than 2.5 million EUR and is addressed to more than 100 potential investors, approval from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) is required, in addition to any necessary admission documents.
  • An offer could also be made via private placement or by listing existing shares, in which case only a CSE-approved admission document is needed.
  • The admission documents that the issuer must prepare and submit to the CSE include information on the shareholders and information about the placing of the subscription, an adequate business plan, risk factors, and audited financial statements.
  • The typical duration for a listing process is one to two months, depending on the complexity of the deal.

How we can help:

  • Our initial role would be to conduct a thorough analysis and preparation of the company to ensure it meets the ECM admission requirements and that the relevant rules are complied with on application to the ECM.
  • We will be able to act as a representative of our client throughout the admission and post-admission process, providing guidance as to what should be done in order for your obligations as a listed company to be met on an ongoing basis.
  • Our client-based approach means that we can assist with managing every part of the process leading to a listing, from drafting the admission document, introducing the company to the ECM, and providing risk management advice.

With our close connections to the stock exchange, global perspective and depth of industry understanding, working with us means adding weight to any prospective listing application from the perspective of both the CSE and potential investors.