Cyprus Investment Programme

Legal framework:

The recent amendments to the Naturalisation of Investors in Cyprus by Exception Scheme, based on subsection (2) in Section 111A of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002 was approved by the Cyprus Council of Ministers on the 13 September 2016.

The Cyprus government has formulated the Cyprus Investment Programme, which provides grants to support capital investment projects in a range of sectors. It aims to stimulate economic activity and increase business competitiveness and sustainability in Cyprus by aiming at high net worth individuals, investors and entrepreneurs. Eligible applicants to Cyprus Investment Programme are non-Cypriot, Investors or Entrepreneurs in Cyprus pursuant to the Decision of the Council of Ministers:

13 September 2016

09 January 2018

21 May 2018

It should be noted that the latest amendments to the CIP were introduced in May 2018.

Eligible applicants to Cyprus Investment Programme are non-Cypriot Citizens pursuant to the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated 13/09/2016, 09/01/2018, 21/05/2018.

The eligibility criteria under the CIP programme are as follows:

1.Main applicant and spouse i.e. husband and wife.

2.Children up to and including the age of 17.

3.Adult Children between the ages of 18 up to 28 years old.

4.Parents of the Investor

Economic Criteria – Investment Options

A1. Investment in real estate, land  development and infrastructure projects

Investment yield required: €2 Million (at least)

The applicant must have made an investment of at least €2,0 million for the purchase or construction of buildings or for the construction of other land development projects (residential or commercial developments, developments in the tourism sector) or other infrastructure projects. It is noted that investment in land under development is included in this criterion, provided that an investment plan for the development of the purchased land will be included in the application. It is understood that investment in land that is situated in a building zone of zero development, is excluded.

   A2.   Investment in financial assets of Cypriot companies or organizations

Investment yield required:: €2 Million (at least)

A €2 million (plus VAT of  0%, 5%, or 19%) investment in Cypriot Companies and Enterprises.

The applicant should have made a purchase or should have participated in companies or organizations established and operating in the Republic of Cyprus with investment costs of at least €2,0 million.

The investment in residential real estate must be retained for a minimum period of 3 years.

A3.       Investment in Alternative Investment Funds or financial assets of Cypriot            companies/ organizations that are licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

Investment yield required: €2 Million (at least)

The applicant should have bought units of at least €2,0 million from alternative investment funds (AIF) established in the Republic of Cyprus, licensed and supervised by the CySec and whose investments are made exclusively in the Republic of Cyprus, in investments that meet the criteria of this Scheme or in areas approved by the Minister of Finance.

A4.  Combination of the above criteria, which can also include investment in government  bonds of up to €500.000

Investment yield required: €2 Million (at least)

The applicant may proceed with a combination of the above investments, provided that the total investment will amount up to €2,0 million.


These terms and conditions are to be met by all investors who are applying for Naturalization through the Cyprus Investment Programme:

  • Clean Criminal Record
  • Residence in the Republic of Cyprus
  • Residence Permit in Cyprus

Download Checklist of Investor’s Application Documents