Corporate services
Registration of a Cyprus Company:
€1.300,00 plus VAT Order

The cost includes:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Directors and Secretary
  • Certificate of registered legal address
  • Certificate of Shareholders
  • The decision about an appointment of the Director
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company
  • Company’s seal

Bank account:

Bank account opening in Cyprus
€500 plus VAT Order

Nominee services:

Annual Service of Nominee director 
 €350.00 plus VAT Order
Annual Service of Nominee shareholder
 €300.00 plus VAT Order
Annual Service of Secretary (required by law for CY companies) 
€250,00 plus VAT Order
Annual Service of Registered office (required by law for CY companies) 
€250,00 plus VAT Order
Annual Services for Virtual office (receiving calls and emails)
€900.00 plus VAT Order

Additional services:

Issuing a Power of Attorney under apostile
 €250 plus VAT
Certificate of Tax Residency
€180 plus VAT
Certificate of Good standing
€150 plus VAT
Certificate of Incumbency
 €100 plus VAT
Signing final accounts and audit
 €100 plus VAT 
Complexion of annual return forms and filing with the Registrar
 €210 plus VAT 
Tax Certificate
 €100 plus VAT 
Receiving the VAT number
 €350 plus VAT 
Notarize/Apostil of each document
 €60 plus VAT 


Order an additional corporate service
Immigration services

Application for permanent residency

Category E (working Visa)
From €5.000 plus VAT/each

Category F (Permanent Residency)
From €5.000 plus VAT/per family           Order
Application for Temporary Residency (pink slip)
€900 plus VAT/each

€1500 plus VAT/per family           Order

Application for Citizenship
Price upon request* Order

*family: Husband-wife-children up to 18 years old, 28 years if dependants

Property Conveyance

(1% legal fees on the total price of the sale plus VAT plus real expenses)

– Advisory in real estate market.

– Legal conveyance to buy a property:

  • Provide legal consultation about the purchase and/or sale of the property;
  • Provision of the relevant researches about the property, receiving relevant reports about mortgages and/or any other incumbrancers on the property;
  • Correspondence with the Vendors and/or the Bank for the provision of a Bank Waiver in case of any mortgages and/or incumbrancers;
  • Drafting of legal documents for the sale of the purchase such as Contract of Sales, Cancellation Agreements, Assignment Agreements;
  • Lodging the contract in the Land Registry and arrange for the payments of any stamp duties, taxes etc.
  • Taking all the necessary steps for the transfer of the property’s Title Deeds to the name of the Purchaser. Paying all the transfer taxes to the government
  • Transfer of all the Utility Bills to the name of the Purchaser
  • Assistance with opening of Bank account(s) in Cyprus
– Permit from Council of Ministers for non-European citizens to purchase immovable properties 
€500 plus VAT Order
– VAT return for new properties bought for not more than 10.000 EUR
 €1000 plus VAT Order
– Utility Bills registration
 €150 plus VAT
– Transferring of title deeds (if applicable) 
€1.500-2.000 plus VAT

Accounting, Audit and Tax
Tax Advice (outsourced)
from €300 Order
Legal Department
All prices per hour are as per Cyprus Bar Association
 €150-300 plus VAT/hour

Business consulting

€200 plus VAT/hour


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