Litigation servicesThe Courts in Cyprus are divided into six Jurisdictions and every case is tried dependent upon the matter at hand at the appropriate Jurisdiction. The six Jurisdictions or divisions of Courts in Cyprus are the District Courts (Civil Courts), the Family Courts, Assize Courts (Criminal Courts), Rent Control Courts, the Industrial and/or Labor Dispute Courts and lastly the Military Courts. In Cyprus the process of Litigation is regulated by the Civil Procedure rules.

As to the issue of the expenses of bringing a Lawsuit, we must mention in prior that the litigation expenses are dependent upon the claim that is brought. More specifically Lawsuits are divided into different scales of expenses. For example if a Bank appoints a Lawyer to bring a Lawsuit on their behalf for a borrower that is failing to keep with their repayment terms, and their claim is for a loan of €5000,00, then their expenses will be calculated upon the scale of €2000 – €10.000 of expenses. If the Lawyer agrees to be paid according to the scale of expenses which is set by the Bar Association then he/she cannot charge his/her client any amount exceeding that which is set by the Bar Association, which is, as mentioned, dependent upon the scale of expenses of the particular case.

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